How to drag and drop files to firebase in Next.js [easy guide]

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Ali Bentaleb

In this tutorial, we are going to present the steps on how to easily implement a drag and drop file using react dropzone and firebase as a cloud storage in a react based project like Next.js, and how to display these files on browser.

Create project in firebase

In our demonstration we are going to use firebase as a cloud storage, but you can use any cloud provider of your choice.

First you need to create a new project in firebase, to do it, visit google firebase console in this link, and then setup your project, if you have trouble doing it, there is a full tutorial provided by google where they walk through each step in details in this link

Get your firebase config

Once finishing setup your project in firebase, click on your project

On the top left side you should see Project overview, next to it there is a gear icon delimited in red lines as the picture is showing

firebase project setup gear

Click on it and choose Project settings , scroll down and you must see your firebase config down which we will use next.

Next, install firebase in your project using npm or yarn

npm i firebase
yarn add firebase

Create components/firebase.js and copy the firebase config into this file

We also need to add the storage, so we can upload and download files

We added it using getStorage as the code below is showing

import {initializeApp} from 'firebase/app';
import {getStorage} from 'firebase/storage';

const firebaseConfig = {
	apiKey: 'key',
	authDomain: 'domain',
	projectId: 'projectId',
	storageBucket: 'myBucket',
	messagingSenderId: 'senderId',
	appId: 'appId'

// Initialize Firebase
export const app = initializeApp(firebaseConfig);
export const storage = getStorage(app);

Great, now our app is connected to firebase and we simply can use the storage to upload and download our files

Use react dropzone

Now, let’s install react dropzone, which provides the capability of dragging files using React

To install it using npm or yarn use

npm i react-dropzone
yarn add react-dropzone

Create Drop and drag file page

Next, let’s create our page


import {useCallback, useState} from 'react';
import {useDropzone} from 'react-dropzone';
import {storage} from '../lib/firebase.js';
import {ref, uploadBytesResumable, getDownloadURL} from 'firebase/storage';

export default function DropResume({message}) {
	const [spin, setSpin] = useState(false);
	const [downloadUrl, setDownloadUrl] = useState('');

	const onDrop = useCallback((acceptedFiles) => {
		const file = acceptedFiles[0];
		const mountainsRef = ref(storage, 'easyapply/' +;

		uploadBytesResumable(mountainsRef, file).then((snapshot) => {
			getDownloadURL(snapshot.ref).then((downloadURL) => {
	}, []);
	const {getRootProps, getInputProps} = useDropzone({onDrop});

	return (
			className="flex justify-center m-2 border-2 rounded-lg p-4 "
			<input {...getInputProps()} />
				<div className="">
					{downloadUrl === '' ? <UploadIcon /> : <></>}
				{spin ? (
					<div className="flex justify-center">
						<Spin />
				) : (
				{downloadUrl === '' ? (
				) : (
					<div className="">

export const Spin = () => (
	<div className="animate-ping -ml-1 mr-3 h-5 w-5 text-indigo-500">...</div>
export const UploadIcon = () => (
		viewBox="0 0 24 24"
		className="h-4 w-4"
		<path d="M13 2H6a2 2 0 0 0-2 2v16a2 2 0 0 0 2 2h12a2 2 0 0 0 2-2V9z"></path>
		<polyline points="13 2 13 9 20 9"></polyline>

The page contains a drag and drop icon, where you can either drag and drop, or click to upload your file, once the upload is done the document is displayed.

It contains also:

  • An upload icon, so you can change the usual html input file No file chosen to a customized message or an an icon as we did here
  • A spinner, which spins while the file is uploaded on firebase, once done, we use react state to display the file. If you would like to have different spinners, you can check out my article about them in this link
  • firebase uploadBytesResumable, getDownloadURL to upload the file and get back the url which will be used to open the file in the cloud.

Test the configuration

Now, let’s see how this will turn out,

open http://localhost:3000/test and you should see

drag drop caption with react dropzone, nextjs and firebase

Now try to drag a file on this zone like a pdf file, you should see the three dots ping, and once upload finishes, the file can be viwed like so:

upload file using react dropzone


We have seen how to simply drag and drop files in a react based application like Next.js, and how to use firebase as a cloud storage to upload and download files.

We also present some tweaks so our upload look more professional like the spinner, and the upload svg image

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