How to use react-toastify for notifications in React

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Ali Bentaleb

In react, toastify is used to notify clients when they are clicking on a button to let them know that everything is OK or something went wrong

In this article we are going to explain how to use react toastify in react app

Install react-toastify

To install it use :

npm i react-toastify

yarn add react-toastify

Next, we need to import react-toastify CSS file and container in our js files so it can be used

The import look like this :

import {toast, ToastContainer} from 'react-toastify';
import 'react-toastify/dist/ReactToastify.css';

Test the configuration

Now to test the toasts, edit your app.js and use the following:

import {toast, ToastContainer} from 'react-toastify';
import 'react-toastify/dist/ReactToastify.css';

export default function App() {
	const onClick = () => toast('Success notification', {type: 'success'});

	return (
			<button onClick={onClick}> Click Me</button>
			<ToastContainer />

Once done, save the file, run your server and goto localhost:3000 , and click on the button on the top left of the screen

The toast will look like this:

react toast error message

Customize react-toastify

Toast position

You can also custmoize the toast position, for example to show it on top left or down right

For example to set the toast on the bottom right, use the toast options like this:

toast('Toast is good', {
	hideProgressBar: true,
	autoClose: 2000,
	type: 'success',
	position: 'bottom-right'

Auto close

auto close specify in milliseconds how much time the toast will be visbile bofore auto closing

use it like this:

toast('Toast is good', {autoClose: 5000});

This will close the toast after 5 seconds

Toast type

Use it with values like info, warning , error

toast('Toast is good', {type: 'error'});

This will display a toast with error


We have seen how to display toasts in react and how to customize the toast message, type and position

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